Youssef Seddik


My name is Youssef Seddik.
I'm a young engineer and computer scientist. I'm currently holding the LPIC-1 certificate - Linux Professional Institute Certification Level 1(Linux Administrator), which is issued by the LPI institute.


In the galaxy of technology, the planet of Open-Source interests me. I live in it.
The open-source' business model gives more importance to human ressources by investing in them and forming them.
This approach enables the growth of skills, qualifications and also team spirit - that is human relations, which then results in the capability of success and the love of perfecting projects.

Since my childhood, my interest was pointed towards computers and electronics. I dismantled every electronic toy and device I received. When I got my first computer(an IBM Pentium II running Windows 98) at the age of 8, I discovered that my interest is real and concrete.
I did a great number of medical operations to that computer!

In the blog I'll write about my interests: Open-Source, IT-Security and cryptography topics. I find those topics very interesting and vital, because they evolve rapidly and play major roles in our digital life.

My name in Maghrebi Arabic

My first and last name in original Maghrebi Arabic font

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